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We take your scope of work seriously


Janitorial services

For your convenience, we offer janitorial services. Give us a call today to discuss janitorial scheduling as well as to receive your FREE commercial janitorial cleaning estimate.

Scheduled Cleaning

Our Building Maintenance Guide is designed specifically for your facility.  This provides efficient and cost effective cleaning practices.  Our goal is to maximize efficiency while reducing redundancies.

Details Matter

When the details count, we are here for you. Count on us to sanitize and clean your Restroom and Break Room areas. We also empty, clean and reline all trashcans and shredders and refill dispensers.




We vacuum/sweep all surfaces and mop hard flooring.

Have fully stocked and sanitized restrooms.

Keep your desks and phones sanitized and germ-free.

Our Company is dedicated to Customer Satisfaction. Our goal is to impact the environment of each facility in a noticeable way.  Each building occupant should recognize that the Cleaning Company has serviced their facility.  This is how we measure success.

FREE estimates

Contact us today and ask about our FREE estimates.

Cleanway Service LLC

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